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While touring Europe, Wordsworth came into contact with the French Revolution. The poem leads to imaginative thoughts about man and the universe.

Wordsworth later sought to maintain his financial obligations to his daughter, but also kept his illegitimate daughter hidden from the public Biography william wordsworth.

He always returned to his home and to nature during his summer vacations.

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He also became very close to his sister, Dorothy, who would later become a poet in her own right. His hostile interactions with them distressed him to the point of contemplating suicide. In the preface Wordsworth writes on the need for "common speech" within poems and argues against the hierarchy of the period which valued epic poetry above the lyric.

Wordsworth also gives his famous definition of poetry as "the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: The following year saw the passing of James Hogg. The most effective of these causes are the great national events which are daily taking place, and Biography william wordsworth encreasing accumulation of men in cities, where the uniformity of their occupations produces a craving for extraordinary incident which the rapid communication of intelligence hourly gratifies.

He could handle experiences in the philosophical-lyrical manner only if they were closely related to himself and could arouse his creative feelings and imagination. Wordsworth fell passionately in love with a French girl, Annette Vallon. The s had been a period of emotional turmoil and faith in the revolutionary ideal.

Coleridge and Charles Lamb both died intheir loss being a difficult blow to Wordsworth. However, despite expressing a desire to marry, Wordsworth left France alone, leaving his partner and Biography william wordsworth in France. But even in the version of the preface Wordsworth made an explicit connection between a plain poetic diction and a proper relationship to nature and society; that is, he makes the issue of a poetic diction a moral one, and his critique of a sonnet by Thomas Gray is an ethical demonstration as well as an example of literary criticism directed by one generation against the preceding one.

He produced very little afterbut was asked to become Poet Laureate seven years later — he accepted only after being reassured that he would not be obliged to produce any more great works.

Married Edward Quillinan in A turn to the elegiac In the company of Dorothy, Wordsworth spent the winter of —99 in Germany, where, in the remote town of Goslarin Saxony, he experienced the most intense isolation he had ever known. However, such a large achievement was still beyond Wordsworth's scope area of capabilities at this time.

Stimulated by Coleridge and under the healing influences of nature and his sister, Wordsworth began in —98 to compose the short lyrical and dramatic poems for which he is best remembered by many readers.

William Wordsworth

Catherine Wordsworth 6 September — 4 June InWordsworth came into an inheritance and relocated to Dorset with his sister Dorothy. While living in France, Wordsworth conceived a daughter, Caroline, out of wedlock; he left France, however, before she was born.

Richard, the eldest, who became a lawyer; John, born after Dorothy, who went to sea and died in when the ship of which he was captain, the Earl of Abergavennywas wrecked off the south coast of England; and Christopherthe youngest, who entered the Church and rose to be Master of Trinity College, Cambridge.

First it turned him away from the long poems on which he had laboured since his Cambridge days. Thereafter his influence was felt throughout the rest of the 19th century, though he was honoured more for his smaller poems, as singled out by the Victorian critic Matthew Arnoldthan for his masterpiece, The Prelude.

This was the immediate cause of the siblings settling at Dove Cottage in Grasmere in the Lake District, this time with another poet, Robert Southey nearby.

But before their child was born in DecemberWordsworth had to return to England and was cut off there by the outbreak of war between England and France. Poems Best Poems Short Poems Quotes Biography The English poet William Wordsworth is considered to be one of the most important literary figures in modern history, as well as one of the leading purveyors of the Romantic Movement.

During this period he also formed his early political opinions—especially his hatred of tyranny. France After graduating from Cambridge, Wordsworth returned to France, where his daughter was born in He revised and rearranged his poems, published various editions, and entertained literary guests and friends.

He frequently felt in conflict with his relations and at times contemplated ending his life. Indeed, a mood of despondency depression descended over Wordsworth, who was then thirty-two years old.

The invaluable works of our elder writers, I had almost said the works of Shakespear and Milton, are driven into neglect by frantic novels, sickly and stupid German Tragedies, and deluges of idle and extravagent stories in verse.

Early life and education Wordsworth was born in the Lake District of northern Englandthe second of five children of a modestly prosperous estate manager. This short biogrpahy feature on William Wordsworth will help you learn about one of the best famous poet poets of all-time.

This is where he picked up a keen interest in French politics and the values of the French revolution. In the preface to Lyrical Ballards, Wordsworth writes of poetry: His views on this new kind of poetry were more fully described in the important "Preface" that he wrote for the second edition He worked on it, on and off, for several years and completed the first version in May By this time, his relationship with Annette Vallon had become known to his English relatives, and any further opportunity of entering the Church was foreclosed.Watch video · William Wordsworth was a British writer who, with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, authored Lyrical Ballads.

Learn more at Apr 07, William Wordsworth - Poet - William Wordsworth, who rallied for "common speech" within poems and argued against the poetic biases of the period, wrote some of the most influential poetry in Western literature, including his most famous work, The Prelude, which is often considered to be the crowning achievement of English romanticism.

Short Biography. Portrait of William Wordsworth by Benjamin Robert Haydon () Birth. William Wordsworth was born at Cockermouth in Cumberland, son of John Wordsworth, who worked as an agent and rent collector for Sir James Lowther.

Early Life. William Wordsworth was born on April 7,in Cookermouth, Cumberland, England. He was a major English Romantic poet who, with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, helped to launch the Romantic Age in English literature with their joint publication Lyrical Ballads ().

William Wordsworth was the central figure in the English Romantic revolution in poetry. His contribution to it was threefold. First, he formulated in his poems and his essays a new attitude toward nature. William Wordsworth Biography.

Read biographical information including facts, poetic works, awards, and the life story and history of William Wordsworth. This short biogrpahy feature on William Wordsworth will help you learn about one of the best famous poet poets of all-time.

Biography william wordsworth
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